Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8 Days Left

8 days... 
I can't believe it.
It is starting to dawn on me that in slightly over a week I will leave my little bubble and travel all the way to Europe.  I will say goodbye to my family, my friends, and even my native language for a whole year. I will develop a life that is thousands of miles away from what I have always known.  I am nervous.  But for every ounce of nervousness there are at least ten ounces of excitement.  I have been waiting for this for over a year now, counting down the months, then the weeks, and now the days.  I have never felt such a longing for something, sometimes eight days feels like an eternity.  At other moments though, I know I will miss this time when I can so easily communicate with my family.  Emailing and Skyping can't give you hugs or shared day to day memories.  I will try to enjoy this time for what it is worth, and when it is time to leave, I will not look back but will look forward to the days that I have been waiting for.
We are on vacation at the lake this week, so I spent the last couple weeks packing and getting organized for my trip.  I still need to figure out a few things but for the most part, I am ready.  I am having trouble fitting everything in my suitcases, especially with the weight restrictions.  It is hard to pack for a year on 44 pounds.  It helps that I will get some things there like a raincoat and a heavy winter jacket, I have never really needed those in NC.  
At this time next week I'll probably be a nervous wreck with less than 24 hours to go.  I have a one night orientation in NYC and then the next day we fly to Amsterdam.  There my host family will pick me up!  

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  1. Be sure to hug everyone as much as you can. I've only been here 4 days and I already miss my hugs.

    Best of luck, and I know you'll have fun!