Friday, October 14, 2011

Going to France!

So I have officially completed six weeks of dutch school!  And now there is a week long fall break so tomorrow I am off to France.  I'm really excited to see another country (actually 3 because we drive through Belgium and Luxembourg).  My family has a house in a little village in the southern part of the country.  It looks beautiful from the pictures.  We are going to do some hiking and mountain biking to explore. 
School has been going well although I am having trouble understanding my classes.  I am attempting my tests though and have so far passed all of them except one.  Most of the teachers are nice enough to try and translate the test in English.  That doesn't help that much if you haven't understood the lessons though.  I am starting to understand more of conversations  and my host family says they can tell my dutch is getting better.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can understand the majority of things.  I am already starting to think in dutch.
2 weekends ago there was an AFS potluck for all of the students in the northern province of the Netherlands.  We each had to bring food from our home country.  I brought brownies and cookies.  Everyone was surprised to learn that I put peanut butter in the deserts!  I guess that is not very common here.  I also put chocolate bars and oreos in the brownies.  They were really good and I think everyone enjoyed them.  
This week I had a flat tire on my bike about 10 km away from home!  I ended up waiting in a dutch Mcdonalds for my host family to come get me.  Then when we got home I learned how to fix my tire.  That was an experience!  When we started I didn't even know there was an inner tire!  I am now a lot wiser about bikes.
 Yesterday I met up with another exchange student that goes to school in my city.  He is from Thailand.  We had fun, we walked around the city and got drinks at a cafe.  We are planning to hang out again after the vacation. 
Other than that I don't have much else to say.  So much has happened but when you go to write it down a lot is forgotten...  Oh well.  I'll try not to wait as long as last time before blogging again.  It has been like 3 weeks!

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